Why Sterling

It is our clearest conviction that this world’s most wonderful, most worthy work is often done by nonprofits—organizations great and small, both celebrated and unsung, whose varied pursuits are activated by an inherent optimism:

The belief that we can eliminate hunger, overcome sickness, ease vulnerability, and bridge disparities.
The belief that we can untangle knotted systems, untether harmful preconceptions, and build larger and more level playing fields.
The belief that we can nourish our bodies and our planet with brighter choices, and nurture our minds and our spirits with art and story and song.
The belief that by proliferating beauty, information, and the power of ideas, not only can we smooth our world’s wrinkles, we can safeguard it for generations to come.

The optimism that powers nonprofits is more than an outlook—it’s an imperative.

These are the organizations that fill in the gaps, focus on the forgotten, fuel us forward in times of crisis, and command more than 5% of our nation’s GDP, engaging and employing millions of forward-minded people—10% of the American workforce—in smart, meaningful work.

Nonprofits exist for the good of us all.

And so Sterling exists for the good of nonprofits.

Our life’s work is to empower yours. Our core mission is to advance your own.

We consider it both a privilege and a responsibility to deliver an experience as Sterling as our name.

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55 Waugh Drive, Suite 601 Houston, Texas 77007

P: 713.807.1411   F: 713.807.1658

P: 713.807.1411
F: 713.807.1658

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